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Phylosophy of the office

Our work begins from the observation of every day’s life and the apparent banality of real life. Each order is the occasion to extract the poetical and plastic abilities that all areas contain and the desire of existing, hidden in every program or project.


The architecture is essentially an art of space. We cultivate the conviction that it escapes partially from rationality: like the others visual arts, its coherence comes from another order, more intuitive and sensible. However, spatial and plastic development is linked with technical development, brought in evidence or not. The control of the implementation permits to avoid the constructive questions in order to acquire a real liberty of conception. With this idea, the combination of materials is for us very important; it is the work of a sculptor as much as the technician.


The research of economy and efficiency has also been a guide for various projects of Gil Honoré. This research helped him to create a rigorous attitude towards the choices of implementation and permitted him to reach the question of architecture thru programs with limited budgets.


The diversity is one of the foundations of our work. It is not a matter of a vague will or a virtual concept: our realisations, in general very different, come from the diversity of the situations; human, topographical or spiritual.

They all witness a same attitude towards the environment and the program. In order to weave cultural as plastic connections, the context of the project exceeds always its limits. In parallel to this, we try to bring the underlying desires of the project to life. Desires that aren’t always expressed by a program… To find a way  to bring the desires to the constructed object.


Finally, we constructed an experience in buildings with low energy consumptions.  This reflection towards the environment enters in our approach to deepen the links towards the context.


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